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At the heart of Travel Together Collaborative lies a shared passion for travel.

We ensure our team of travel advisors possesses the expertise, resources, and network, to craft ideal getaways for themselves and their client base.

Whether you're looking to connect with a community, enjoy exclusive industry perks, become and industry professional with our award winning training, or book travel for yourself and others with a hassle-free booking processes - at TTC there's something here for you.


Every single travel transaction that occurs has a commission built into the price already. Whether that's a hotel, a package trip, or even activities and events tickets. Currently, you're giving those commissions away every time you book online or directly with a travel agency.

TTC allows you to earn those back into your pocket instead. Book travel as you normally would, no compromises needed - the only difference is you'll have access to our agent portals that allow you to earn back instead of just paying out.

This also means that if your clients book through you, it's doesn't cost them any extra. It's as simple as that.



An optional part of our training programme is to take your travel knowledge and expertise to a new level - by helping others to also become Independent Travel Advisors and get started in the industry.

We share recommendations online for our favourite products, films, restaurants etc. on a daily basis. So, why not share with others the potential to earn from the travel industry too.

This opens up additional income streams for you as an entrepreneur, including the ability to earn passive and residual income.


Hear from the Founder of Travel Together Collaborative about how our programme could work for you.

  • Will I be a Travel Agent if I get started with TTC?
    Yes, if you choose to become a part of TTC, you will become a fully licensed Travel Advisor. You will be able to earn commission on the travel bookings made by your clients through our booking portal. As a Travel Advisor with TTC, you can access exclusive travel deals, rewards, and incentives, and work towards building your own business in the travel industry. You will also have access to training, support, and resources to help you grow your skills and expertise in the field. HOWEVER, you do not have to brand yourself as a travel agent to benefit from our services. Our program allows you to earn income simply by booking your own travel while enjoying the benefits and discounts of being a member of our agency.
  • Why do people join TTC?
    At TTC, we understand that many people love to travel and often share their experiences and recommendations with friends, family, and social media networks. TTC allows you to not only share your love of travel but also earn money while doing so. Book the same way you normally would, except you'll have access to our agent portals where there is a contract in place for that supplier to pay you for those bookings - the commission that's built into the price of travel that you usually pay out. You don't need to convince people that they need a vacation. Most are already planning one, whether that's locally or internationally. Learning how to earn from something people are already doing is a sure way to grow a successful business. Travel sells itself. Even if you're not a traveller yourself, you can earn from helping others go on their dream trips until you're in a position to do so yourself.
  • How do I know this this is legitimate?
    Our travel host Inteletravel has been established since 1991, with the sole aim to create a new model of selling where anyone could sell travel remotely on their own time and from their own home. We are partnered with some of the top brands within the travel industry globally, many of which have worked alongside us for many years. These companies would not risk the reputation of their brands if we were not legit. Our global partners have a variety of protection in place such as ATOL, CLIA, & ABTA, enabling us to give our customers financial protection and security on all of their bookings. As individuals in a team we have spent years building reputable businesses and social platforms. We would certainly not be prepared to lose our credibility by sharing an opportunity with you that we didn’t personally believe in or we was not benefiting from ourselves. We are here to help you do as much research into this opportunity as you need.
  • Can I do this around my current job?
    In short, yes! Our business model is designed to work around you. There are no targets or sales quotas to meet, so you really do have complete freedom to book as much, or as little, travel as you choose. As we've mentioned, some agents simply use this to book their own travel before growing an fully-fledged agency so you can feel secure that nobody is going to be chasing you to make sales.
  • How long after I've joined can I book travel?
    After completing your mandatory training you're good to go. The training takes a total of around 6 hours to complete. There is no time limit in which you need to complete this, however, we encourage you to do this as soon as you can so you can move onto the fun part - booking travel!
  • Do I have to have experience in the industry?
    No! Majority of TTC agents started with their only experience being booking their own travels online. You don't need any qualifications or previous knowledge of the industry. We have it all here for you. We have a whole online portfolio of training - from destinations, suppliers, hotel brands, and specialist courses. There are industry events you can attend to learn about your favourite suppliers and live webinars covering the above. However, the training is all optional (apart from your mandatory training), and also stored online so you can access it 24/7 if you can't attend the live calls.
  • How does getting paid commission work?
    Commission is paid twice per month to our agents 30-90 days after the travel has taken place.
  • Do I have to invite people to join TTC?
    Our travel programme and marketing opportunity are completely different business models. Meaning that becoming a TTC coach and Network Marketer is completely optional. You can just simply get started with TTC as a Travel Advisor and earn commission from travel as we have showcased here. Whether you have introduced 0 or 100,000 people to TTC, this in no way affects your travel commission payouts. If this is something you wanted to learn more about we have some information on our Marketing tab. If not, this is something you can add on or remove later down the line.
  • What if I decide later on that TTC isn't for me?
    With TTC you can stop payments at any time. No tied contracts, and no minimum joining requirements here.
  • Do I need a social media following?
    No! We offer training and support to help you grow your social media and generate leads and sales online, but it is entirely up to you how you market your business. We are here with you every step of the way to either help you get the most out of this opportunity for your personal travel or to help you set this up as successful business.
  • How do I join?
    Getting started is simple! All you need to do is message the person who you previously spoke to about TTC and they'll help you get set up. You can also click the 'GET STARTED' button below and fill out your details to be connected to a TTC agent.
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